Author Guidelines

Author guidelines for article printing in Prabhat News, failing to which will lead to cancellation of article printing or deletion from portal

  1. Articles may be written for any area like
    • Political, religion, society-issue, education, international politics, technology, science etc.
  2. Author must have facts and proof behind all the saying in the articles. Which may produce to editors/ its representatives on demand.
  3. If Author is raising any concern in his writing then article must also illustrate its possible solution, which may be taken as solution by the authorities.
  4. Political and religious issue must be shielded by valid and authentic proofs.
  5. Authors are reminded that Wikipedia or other sources like that is not considered as a proof, hence whatever is written there cannot be use as a shield of your writings.
  6. Proofs can be of sort like books, epic books (which is acclaimed credible by most of the people like Ramayan, Quran in case of epic topic writing etc.)
  7. Author’s writing must be balanced and not provoking a thought which may lead to harm the harmony of our society. No hate speech will be entertained.
  8. Sectors of your writing can be parted in –
    • Issue, description, details of arising the issue and conclusion/ solutions. This is a general rule and can be overlooked in some cases by editors.
  9. In any of the situation, the decision of editor/editors/review committee will final and will not be-challengeable, in regards to publishing the article on their portal.
  10. Author must aware, if they are writing about any personality, who is acclaimed by a community/ group of people/ religion/ state/ political group then every fact about him must be shielded with valid proofs and must be produced on demanded by editor/ editor’s representatives.
  11. We are providing the portal and platform to authors and not responsible about the content, it is solely responsibility of authors.
  12. All writings are under Registration of Press and Periodicals Bill, 2019 Act, and PRB Act and the Registration of Newspapers (Central) Rules, 1956, shall all the government rules applicable to it.
  13. If you’re writing content, Don’t post links in your content on Prabhat News if they direct users to content that violates our Community Guidelines. This includes links that fit any of the descriptions noted below.
    • Links to pornography
    • Links to websites or apps that install malware
    • Links to websites or apps phishing for a user’s login credentials, financial information, etc.
    • Links to websites, apps, or other information technology that give unauthorized free access to audio content, audiovisual content, full video games, software, or streaming services that normally require payment
    • Links to websites that seek to raise funds or recruit for terrorist organizations
    • Links to sites containing Child Sexual Abuse Imagery (CSAI)
    • Links to content that would violate our hate or harassment policies
    • Links to content encouraging others to commit violent acts
    • Links to content ​​that spread medical misinformation contradicting local health authorities’ or the World Health Organization’s (WHO) medical information about COVID-19
    • Links to websites or apps that spread misleading or deceptive content that can cause serious risk of egregious harm, such as interfering with democratic processes
    • Links to fake website having misleading/ unauthentic data published
    • Links to gaming / gambling websites, which may or may not take payment
  14. If you’re writing article then-
    • Don’t post content on Prabhat News if it fits any of the descriptions below:
      • Sexualization of minors: Sexually explicit content promoting minors and content that sexually exploits minors. We report content containing child sexual abuse to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Indian local, national and international agencies, who work with global law enforcement agencies.
      • Infliction of emotional distress on minors: Content that could cause minor participants or viewers emotional distress, including:
        • Exposing minors to mature themes
        • Simulating parental abuse
        • Coercing minors
        • Violence
      • Misleading family content: Content that targets young minors and families, and provoke them to-
        • Sexual themes
        • Violence
        • Obscenity or other mature themes not suitable for young audiences
        • Family friendly cartoons that target young minors and contain adult or age-inappropriate themes such as violence, sex, death, drugs and more. Make sure your titles, descriptions, and tags match the audience you’re targeting.
      • Cyber bullying and harassment involving minors: Content that:
        • Targets individuals for abuse or humiliation
        • Reveals personal information like email addresses or bank account numbers
        • Records someone without their consent
        • Sexually harasses
        • Encourages others to bully or harass
  15. As an author your content does not try to defame any person unless or until you have strong evidence to do that.
  16. Your content must not be copied from other source in the same language, in case if it so then you must possess written consent of original author or publisher before publishing the article on Prabhat News.
  17. Prabhat News has all rights to change the author guidelines at any point of time to cope with standard set by regulation of government of India and also in case of violation reported by our viewers.
  18. Prabhat News is implicated above said policy to all types of contents i.e.  Image/Video/Text/Voice or any other digital medium used to publish on our platform.
  19. In any case, jurisdiction area will be Balia, Uttar Pradesh District Court.

This document was last updated in December 2021.